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Butterfly Fairy Blanket Voucher

1. Material
2. Trim
  • $185.00

Select a voucher for your preferred Material and Trim and let them select their colour and add their unique details when they are ready.

Mama's absolutely love this gift. A voucher let's Mama choose her own colour and celebrate her little bundles name when it's decided or after baby arrives.

This Butterfly Fairy Blanket is our bestseller and an absolute favourite to celebrate the birth of their little princess. 

Material: 100% Supersoft Merino or 100% Combed-Cotton

Sizing: Large blankets are cot sized (96x120cm) and perfect for growing little ones, they are also great couch blankets once they are all grown. This blanket is not currently available in our Small Bassinet size. 


Shipping: Once we receive your order this voucher will be digitally delivered to you via email next business day. If you require this Urgently or would like a Physical Voucher delivered then send us a Message via the Icon on the Bottom Right-hand corner of your screen.