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Personalized Photo-Knitted Blankets. Send us an email to place your order.

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It is knitted, not printed!
Create your monochromatic blanket with your much loved picture.


It could be a picture of your wedding day, the birth of your child, your loved pet or a special moment, in fact it could be any picture you love.

Send us your picture (4x5) by email, so we will analyze (quality and dimension) and give you a response. We will send you a mock-up so you can check before knitting, once okay, we can knit in monochromatic black and white 100% organic cotton.  It comes in large size 110x90cm.

You can use as a blanket, a throw or even better you can frame it and hang it on a special place. 

*Canvas frame not included. 


For now you can place your order by email only. So feel free to email us to  or you can use our online Chat to ask any question. We will love to hear from you.


Material: 100% organic Cotton.

Made in New Zealand.