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The personalized merino blankets are beautifully designed and produced in New Zealand with a 100% Merino yarn to provide comfort and softness to the skin of your little baby.

Merino Wool truly is nature's wonder fibre!  It's cool in summer and warm in winter helping to regulate your babies temperature. It's renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Merino wool forms a micro climate around your baby’s body, regulating comfort by letting moisture out and keeping natural warmth in. Merino is soft and gentle, lightweight and durable and won't irritate delicate newborn skin.

Merino Personalized Blankets

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  1. Merino_Blankets_Cot_size_With_Satin_binding
  2. Personalized baby blanket Merino wool  Satin Edge Cot Size Bear pattern Red Customized
  3. Cute Merino Blanket With Satin Bassinet Cot Size Hot Pink Personalized
  4. Merino Baby Blanket Satin Binding Large Cot Size hot pink
  5. Customized Merino Blanket With Satin Cot Size Pink with names.
  6. Kids Merino Blanket Satin Binding Cot Size Large Noah's Ark Navy Personalized.
  7. Toddler Merino Blankets Cot size Satin Edge Hedgehog pattern Pewter with names
  8. Personalized-Merino-Baby-Blanket-size-large-cot-colour-name-on-it
  9. 100% Merino blanket - Floral pattern
  10. 100% Merino blanket - Pohutukawa
  11. Merino Knitted family blanket New Zealand map Large green personalized
  12. The Zodiac blanket is one of our new custom designs created by a much loved former colleague.  Available in 2 different sizes. Made with love and care from everyone here at My Blanket. A perfect gift for all ages.